In July 2018, the United States Department of Justice announced a 9.1-million-dollar settlement with the manufacturer of Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs, 3M.  The Justice Department alleges the company knowingly sold the earplugs to the US Military without disclosing known defects that hampered the earplugs effectiveness.  The earplugs were originally manufactured by Aearo Technologies, which was acquired by 3M in 2008.


Due to the alleged defect and flaws in the earplugs, soldiers could have been exposed to dangerous sound levels during training and combat during the years 2003-2015.  These earplugs were distributed to our military personal who were deployed to duty in:


  • The Iraq War

  • War in Afghanistan

  • War in North-West Pakistan (War on Terror)

  • War in Somalia

  • Operation Ocean Shield in the Indian Ocean

  • Libya (2011 Libyan Crisis)

  • Iraq (2014-2017)

  • Syria (2014 to present)

  • Yemeni Civil War (2015 to present)

  • American Intervention in Libya (2015 to present)


As a result of the defect, veterans are becoming disabled for hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  You may be entitled to compensation from the makers of these earplugs, if you or your loved one:


  • Served in the military between 2003-2015

  • Were issued earplugs during service

  • Suffer from permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.


Contact the Becnel Law Firm for a free legal consultation.  Even if you are unsure of the brand of earplugs used by you or your loved one, we may still be able to determine if you can take legal action.

3M Earplugs