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You Deserve Experience & Aggressive Representation​

DWI Defense Lawyer

South Louisiana has a reputation for having a good time, wild nights and drive up daiquiri shops. As a result, drunk driving is one of the most prosecuted crimes in Louisiana, and if you are charged with driving while intoxicated, you should speak with an experienced DWI lawyer as soon as possible. Trying to handle DWI charges by yourself or with an inexperienced attorney can have devastating results to your longterm record and impact future career opportunities. We at Becnel Law have successfully handled hundreds of DWI cases throughout the River Parishes and Southern Louisiana. Careful review of each case is implemented and as we craft a strong legal defense. Call 1-877-4-BECNEL to speak to our legal team today!

Why Hire a DWI Defense Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, seeking a lawyer is in your best interest. Many people on their first offense do not know what to do and might think pleading guilty is the best option. A convection of drunk driving may result in:

  • Thousands of Dollars in Fines

  • Jail Time

  • Suspended License

  • A Criminal Record

  • Skyrocket Auto Insurance

  • Employment Discrimination 

We Can Help You Avoid Jail

Avoiding jail time is a huge possibility if you have the right lawyer. Knowing your rights and exactly what happen can help your case. We will go over all potential consequences and pros and cons of each. If this is your first time being charged with a DWI there is a good chance you could be in the diversion program. Once the program is complete, the case is dismissed. It is very important to go over the details of the night of your arrest.

Speak with a Lawyer - Call 1-877-4-BECNEL

Arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experienced DWI attorneys by calling 1-877-4-BECNEL. We represent individuals throughout South Louisiana from our offices in LaPlace. Every person deserves to be well-represented while fighting DWI charges. We can use our knowledge and litigation skills to help you.

You can also fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


What steps do I need to take after being charged with a DWI?

The first steps to take when being charged with a DWI is to contact an attorney immediately. You will need to explain everything in detail to your attorney of what happened the night of the arrest. Your attorney will walk you through your options.

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